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Sea moss is a valuable source of Taurine

A mineral which lowers blood pressure, Taurine is known to support a healthy metabolism and assist the body with binding bowel fats. As a result, is is actively involved in promoting the breakdown, digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Taurine is also essential for healthy heart function and helps the body to maintain mineral balance within cells.

Sea moss is rich in Carbohydrates called Polysaccharides

Polysaccharides from certain seaweeds have been studies and found to help strengthen the immune system. They have been found to assist with the reduction of tumor growth and autoimmune diseases.

These long chain polysaccharides are an inter sting form of insoluble fiber, and they have been found to help manage cholesterol, inflammatory bowel disease, and they may also hold the key to tackling one of the biggest health concerns today associated with carcinogenics.

Sea Moss is known to help fight and even prevent varicose veins

A reliable source of potassium chloride, it is full of nutritional value, including Matrix metalloproteinase 2. This is helpful in combating conditions like varicose veins.

Potassium chloride is a key mineral which is very effective at dissolving catarrh.

Sea moss helps to strengthen connective tissue

Being full of collagen, Sea Moss is a great support to healthy hair, skin and nails. Some people have even reported that it helps to stimulate the regrowth of hair.

But, as mentioned earlier, any source of nutritional value you body gets that will support life will be used for this purpose primarily.

Collagen plays a key part in healthy bones and connective tissue. As these are more essential to keeping you alive and healthy than fighting wrinkles, this is where it will be used as a priority when you ingest it.

When you stop to think about the aging process, the skin changes in a more pronounced way when it is exposed to UV rays. These rays can stimulate the production of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) which contributes to the degradation of collagen.

As we age our genetics may see us being exposed to higher secretions of MMP and the resultant deterioration of collagen type I and collagen type III.

Sea Moss helps with digestion and digestive functions

Being a source of natural fiber, sea moss is a very gentle laxative. The almost slimy or filmy nature of it when it is made into a gel helps to line the bowels and keep them healthy.

This is believed to reduce the potential for matter sticking in your gut during the digestion and excretion process.

By enhancing transit time, and being a prebiotic, it is a great form of gut food that helps with soothing complications and helping to heal previous gut damage.

Sea Moss could hold the key to treating prostate enlargement

In more recent times there has been research conducted on a range of seaweeds potentially providing a natural option for the treatment various forms of mutagenic cellular growth.

Various species of seaweed have been looked for the isolation of specific structural forms including bryostatin 1.

Even though this research has proven to be slow paced and dogged with resource challenges, it is believed that sea moss and Bugula Neritina could provide a degree of hope to many.

Can Help to Control Appetite

If you’ve been trying all sorts of ways to drop those last few stubborn pounds or kilos, this seaweed might be just the thing to help you reach your goal.

Various studies have pointed to the presence of a specific type of dietary fiber in seaweeds like sea moss, and fucoxanthin. It is through these that the body can receive messages that tell it that it has had enough food.

I have been able to fast while on sea moss for as long as 2 weeks and have found the feeling of higher energy, better mental clarity, and dropping a few kilograms has helped me.

Before looking at doing something like this it is highly recommended that you speak with a qualified professional first who can assess your specific circumstances.

Can Promote Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

My wife can attest to the value of making sea moss a part of her routine in that it has helped her with overcoming depression.

After years of seeing one specialist after another, across a range of modalities, she decided to stop taking the medication that was prescribed, and change her diet.

This is not intended to be a call to action for anyone else to follow in her footsteps. This is simply an anecdotal account of her journey.

She complemented the addition of sea moss to her diet with other plant based wholefoods and progressively phased out animal products.

Having spent so much time and money working on herself in a number of ways, she has put together a book that outlines the steps she took and the changes she made.

This is a holistic approach that you may find interesting. But, to emphasize again, this is an account of her journey, and not intended as an instructional guide.

Studies have shown that alterations to the composition of metabolites and microbiota in the gut through dietary fibers found in seaweeds like sea moss have had a positive effect here too.

Interestingly, our bodies have no real means of storing or conserving potassium yet it is a necessary element for a healthy life. Potassium has also been attributed to supporting good mental and emotional health.

There have also been studies conducted where the benefits of potassium have been linked to improving ADHD, agitation, anxiety, depression, and even moodiness.

Supports Healthy Gums

I have been using sea moss gel as a mouthwash for a few years now, and I’m able to say that the previous occasional cases of seeing blood when brushing my teeth are no more.

Using this as a dental aid was something I moved towards instead of using colloidal silver. The organified silver (a biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles) found in seaweeds is much more effective in the human body.

Silver has a long history of being beneficial for good health. If you’re able to get the silver content you need from plant based sources rather than other non organic sources, you’ll be much better off in my opinion.

Can Help to Clear up Acne

My wife previously had occasional breakouts of acne from time to time. Since using sea moss gel as a topical application at night as a mask, and in the morning, she has seen a significant reduction in these.

The effect of this can be attributed to the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of the seaweed. I would also go so far as to say that the presence of Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) in sea moss has a significant part to play in skin repair here.

I previously found that after shaving I would experience ingrown hairs on my throat. Changing the direction of shaving and going with the grain instead of against it helped a bit.

Since I’ve been using sea moss gel as a topical application I have not experienced any ingrown hairs. This is with no other changes to how I shave.

Can Help to Reduce Pore Size

After using sea moss gel as a topical application to support the healing process on a spot treated with a drawing slave my wife noticed some changes in the pore size on the skin around my nose and upper cheeks.

Algal polysaccharides, specifically Galactansare believed to have a key role to play in promoting healthy skin and repairing the extracellular matrix. I firmly believe that these elements of the gel are what contributed to the reduction of pore size in my case.

I have also had feedback from friends and some Customers who have made their own gel that they too have had similar experiences. With a skincare option this natural and this cheap, why would you spend hundreds of dollars on something that has been isolated or synthesized?

Is effective at Reducing Dandruff

Another case of anecdotal evidence with some supporting research comes through a friend of ours who has been an avid sea moss fan since she learned about it from us.

She’s been using it as a part of her hair care regime and has provided feedback that it has completely eliminated her dandruff.

This is promising for anyone who struggles to control a case of dandruff, and the science behind this points to the minerals and natural salts as one component of what sea moss absorbs from the sea.

Particularly when combined with specific essential oils, sea moss has the potential to provide relief to those who are looking for it.

Helps to Improve Circulation

Extensive research into Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) and other elements of failing health that lead to poor blood circulation have yielded some interesting results.

The filing of patents on the use of extracts from sea moss in the treatment of PAD and other complications including the presence and build up of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque appear to provide for a promising future for many.

Being a natural source of Fucoidan, under targeted studies sea moss was identified as having arterial and venous antithrombotic properties, and was even reported as being capable of forming new blood vessels in animals under controlled experiments.

From my late 30’s I would experience tingling sensations in my left thigh at different times. This could be while standing, sitting, or laying down. My Doctor told me it was most likely the result of pressure on my upper thigh which came from having my wallet in my front left pocket.

I kept it here to reduce the impact on my spine from sitting on it. If you can avoid having a chunky wallet in your back pocket it will help your back health immensely.

After about 2 years of taking sea moss gel regularly I can report that the tingling sensations are no more. A also changed how I deal with my wallet which has helped too, although this step was implemented early on and there was still tingling and numbness for about a year after from time to time.

I’m putting the improvement down to both the change in what I was doing with my wallet, and taking sea moss gel daily.

Reduces the Impact of Radiation Poisoning

Seaweeds have been known to possess a range of benefits. But did you know that specific types of seaweed have been looked to for their capacity to treat the effects of radiation poisoning?

After the fallout at Chernobyl the contamination of the area as a result of the radioactive matter left many with health complications, and still does to this day. One highly radioactive substance which was released was a radioisotope that proved to be particularly problematic; Iodine-131.

The preferred method of treatment for exposure to Iodine-131 is to does with potassium iodide. The potassium iodide blocks the uptake of Iodine-131 by the thyroid.

Sea moss is one species of seaweed that has been identified as containing potassium iodide. This is not to say that your best option for treating radiation poisoning is to chow down on seaweed, but to highlight that it naturally contains what is used to deal with such complications.

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