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Marine Vegetable

Sea moss typically is a little-known marine vegetable full of many wonderful and beneficial properties. Outside of Ireland, the Caribbean, and parts of North America it has yet to really make a splash. Due to its incredible density of nutrients, it could be easily classified as a superfood! With so much of the ‘same same’ information about sea moss online, we wanted to bring you something different for 2020. Here you will find out more about:

  • What Sea Moss is

  • Where it has it’s roots

  • How this seaweed is becoming a food source that could change our Planet for the better

  • How to make it a part of your day

  • The value that it brings you as a source of nutrition

  • The benefits of this seaweed being a part of your diet and daily routine, and

  • What to know before you buy your Sea Moss

We are extremely happy to be able to provide you with our Ultimate Sea Moss Guide on how to get the best out of your sea moss in 2020. 2020 Ultimate Sea Moss Guide Table of Contents 1.0 – What is Sea Moss?1.1 – The History1.2 – Seaweed; A Future Sustainable Food Source1.3 – Supporting Sustainable Seaweed Farming1.4 – Why our Seaweed isn’t Wildcrafted1.5 – Is Wildcrafting really that